SBS 드라마 - 당신이 잠든 사이에

The Heirs was one of the most popular shows in the year 2013. The main lead Lee Min Ho bagged several awards for his performance and also won the Baidu Feidian Best Asian Actor Award that year. Additionally, the lead couple Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye won most of the Best Couple Award that year. Considering the categories the show won awards for, I guess I understand what exactly worked for it. As for me, The Heirs was one drama that left me bewildered. I still haven’t understood if I liked the show or no. Since I watched all 20 episodes, it means that it did manage to hold my attention. But in the end, I am still left wondering what made me stick till the very end. It definitely wasn’t the Original Sound Track (OST). Then, what was it?

The Heirs (also translated as The Inheritors) is a 20 episode long Korean drama series about a young boy named Kim Tan who is an heir to a massive Korean business empire. He studies in the US and happens to meet a Korean girl Cha Eun Sang, who has come to America to attend her sister’s wedding. However, after coming to the US, Eun Sang finds out that her sister has been lying about her life in America and marriage and that she doesn’t even attend college.

Instead, she has been working as a waitress and has been living in with an abusive boyfriend. Eun Sang’s sister absconds with the money Eun Sang’s mother sent for her wedding and leaves Eun Sang to fend for herself. Kim Tan falls for Eun Sang the moment he sees her. He witnesses the two sisters quarreling and offers to help Eun Sang. Completely alone with hardly any money, Eun Sang accepts his help and stays with him in his gigantic house where he lives all alone. She stays with him for a few days and learns that he is already engaged to a girl named Racheal Yoo.

After she returns to Korea, Kim Tan starts missing her and his family dearly and decides to return back to his family. When he comes home he finds out that Eun Sang’s mother works as a maid in his house and that the mother and daughter live in his house. But that does not deter him from chasing after her. Eun Sang feels highly embarrassed after she discovers the fact that Kim Tan is aware of her family status and her mother’s job. She tries to avoid him as per Kim Tan’s mother’s instructions. However, the more she pushes him away the more determinedly he pursues her.

Kim Tan’s father is impressed by Eun Sang’s mother’s work and offers Eun Sang a scholarship to one of the best schools in town that is run by his wife. Now, since, Eun Sang and Kim Tan live in the same house and attend the same school, avoiding him becomes next to impossible for her. At school, Eun Sang is faced with new challenges. She is bullied by Kim Tan’s frenemy Choi Young-Do who eventually falls in love with her and competes with Kim Tan for her affection.

Let’s weigh The Heirs on our show beam balance and see if it is worth the hype or no.