SBS 드라마 - 당신이 잠든 사이에

Episode 2: The fight sequence in Spain is hilarious. Joon Jae feeling proud of himself for fighting three men unaware of the fact that Cheong has single-handedly tackled more than 15 men behind him. Lee Min Ho is simply adorable in this scene.

Episode 4: Cheong has just arrived in Seoul and she sees fireworks for the first time. Mistaking it for a gun and she jumps on Joon Jae to protect him from it. Aww….sho shweeeeet of her to protect her love first.

Episode 5: Cheong is doing a part-time job to earn some money for Joon Jae. Joon Jae secretly follows her and pays people to take the pamphlets she is distributing and is later spotted by Cheong for being in the same vicinity. The whole scene is one of the best scenes in the show.

Episode 7: Jo Jung Suk’s cameo was highly entertaining. This man nailed it as Hwa Shin in his hilarious drama Jealousy Incarnate and was quite funny in this show too. Do watch out for his two-episode cameo.

Episode 9: Cheong wears something new and she looks pretty. Tae Ho takes a picture of hers and Joon Jae instantly grabs his phone to delete her picture before sending himself a copy. He tells Tae Ho that is isn’t right to click someone’s picture without their permission. Liar! He is just possessive of her.

Episode 10: In the drama, if there was a couple I enjoyed watching the most then it was Tae Oh and Shi Ah. I loved their little story where she thinks that Tae Ho likes her and she tries to discourage him from liking her. It’s so funny when you know who Tae Ho actually likes. I loved these two together.

Episode 20: Though I love Lee Min Ho, I have never liked his kissing scenes as I feel he opens his mouth a little too awkwardly. But the kiss in this episode was something I have never seen him pull off before. I will give the credit to the director for the good camera angles as one can see his dimple and also the jaw line that was last seen in Boys Before Flowers.