SBS 드라마 - 당신이 잠든 사이에

Episode 1: The cliffhanger of this episode where Eun Tak says ‘I Love You’ to goblin. I knew I was sold to this drama the moment I saw this scene. I have never seen a cuter ‘saranghaeo’ before. This scene was just a glimpse of the cuteness that actress, Go Eun’s brings to the screen.

Episode 2: This episode was full of amazing moments. I want to add the whole episode here and mention its super?duper cliff-hanger that made me restless till the next episode. Episode 2 ends with two men kidnapping and abusing Eun Tak but since she is ‘Goblin’s Bride’ she has two extremely hot men come to her rescue.

Episode 4: Goblin comes to personally see off an old man into his afterlife because Goblin feels attached to him. He praises the man for living a righteous life despite his difficult circumstances. The writer here shows that life is what to make it and that it depends on you how you shape your destiny.

Episode 5: Eun Tak asks Goblin to grant her a boyfriend but the possessive goblin feels jealous and tells her that he is her boyfriend. This awkward scene is hilarious. Gong Yoo and Go Eun’s comic timing is just spot on.

Episode 7: One of the most awkward kisses I have ever seen hahahaa. Eun Tak kisses goblin hoping to make him ‘pretty’ but nothing happens. For the first time, in a Kdrama, I saw the guy’s eye widen in shock as the girl kisses him. And then the spectacular cliff-hanger of the episode. Goblin shoving Eun Tak hard as she pulls his sword is so beautifully shot. The whole scene with computer graphics is just mind-blowing.

Episode 9: One day, a human suddenly barges into the grim reapers tea room which is surprising as only human souls can enter that place. The grim reaper is shocked to see a human there and goblin explains that a human’s strong ‘will’ can make him open any door for himself and change his destiny. I love the way the writer gives life’s important lessons in such interesting ways.

Episode 10: Goblin finds out that Sunny is his sister and tries different ways to talk to her. Goblin’s desperate efforts at making things good between his sister and him are crazy funny.

Episode 13: The ‘last kiss’ in this episode was smoldering hot especially considering the whole scenario where he is on the verge of death and that it could be his last moments with Eun Tak.

I give The Lonely Shining Goblin 4.8 out 5 rating. I have never given any drama this high marks till date (not even my most favourite dramas) but Goblin deserves such high marks as it excels in every department be its story, screenplay, cast, direction, music and every single thing that completes this drama. I personally vouch for this drama. DO NOT MISS Goblin for anything. Go and watch it now.